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Personal Trainer in Greenwich CT

Carlos Perez has proudly been serving as an In-Home Personal Trainer in Greenwich CT and the surrounding area for more than 15 years.

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I can help you with the following:

• Customized In-Home Personal Training Programs tailored to your needs

• Home Gym Design and exercise equipment suggestions

• Detailed attention to your safety and assistance while exercising

• Provide professional and knowledgeable answers to your health and fitness questions

Health and Fitness Modalities I Use to Create Your Perfect Program

I utilize a variety of modalities to keep my clients’ sessions fun, challenging and progressive, based on their preferences, goals and point of readiness.

Whether you have a fully equipped in-home gym or a small space to exercise, this is enough to get started! I will recommend the best cost-effective foundational pieces we can work with, for example, a yoga mat and some free weights or resistance bands.


Home Exercise Equipment

Free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, strength training & aerobic equipment, stability balls & other balance apparatus can all be used to create your perfect workout.

Personal Training in Greenwich CT

TRX Suspension Training

TRX or other suspension strap system uses your own body weight to challenge you.  In addition to strengthening all of the major muscle groups, TRX simultaneously strengthens the core (abdominals, hips and back muscles) and improves balance.


Yoga and Tai Chi

I integrate basic Yoga and Tai Chi movements into my clients’ workouts to strengthen balance, coordination and flexibility.

Portrait of smiling senior couple performing stretching exercise at home

Dynamic Flexibility and Movement

Dynamic Flexibility and Movement is a form of exercise that is similar to calisthenics but with many enhanced movement patterns that are used in sports training.  It is highly effective in reestablishing functional movement.

Tabata 2

HIIT or Tabata

Tabata and other forms of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) are highly efficient cardiovascular exercises.  Intensity is always modified to your needs and ability.


Sports-Specific Training

Whether you enjoy golf, tennis, hiking or something else, we will incorporate the core strength, balance, and agility exercises needed to keep enjoying those favorite activities.

Nutritional Support

I frequently discuss diet and nutrition with clients and offer helpful tips and information to complement their fitness goals.

Beautiful fit senior couple in gym working out using kettlebells. Sport, fitness and healthy lifestyle concept.

Orthopedic Exercise

My certification as an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist allows me to work frequently with Physical Therapists and other health professionals who refer their clients for post-therapy continuity of care.




I want to get to know you and how I may best support you. During your consultation we can discuss your goals, preferred training location, scheduling needs, and program cost.


If we are a good fit, together we will choose the best program for you in order to set you up for success from the very beginning.


Get started on your customized in-home personal training program. Enjoy the fruits of your work!

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