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Am I the Personal Trainer for you?

You want to feel fit, have more energy and improve your quality of life, and you'd like to have a knowledgeable professional to help you achieve results.

You need to lose some weight, have aches and pains that won’t go away and are concerned about where your health will be in 10 years if you don’t take action now.

You know you are willing to do what it takes to be fit, but what used to work just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore.

The truth is, it’s not your fault if you have tried on your own and failed to get back in shape. Most fitness programs are designed for injury-proof 20-year-olds who get results just by showing up.

What you need is a better way, I have been helping successful adults get back to doing the activities they love, achieve their fitness goals, lose weight, and improve their quality of life for over twenty years. 


So, if you are thinking about working with a fitness professional that will get you results, please read on and when you are ready, go to the HOW TO GET STARTED section on this page to begin your fitness journey!

What You Can Expect

Optimal Personal Training will help get you into the best shape of your life

  • Knowledge that you are working with the industry’s best 
  • A proven system that has been tried and tested and will work for you, guaranteed
  • Noticeable change in your health and appearance 
  • More energy and confidence in your everyday life! You will feel like an athlete and feel stronger each day
  • A more toned and healthier body
  • Better sleeping patterns 
  • A more confident version of yourself — you will be looking back in the mirror with amazement
  • Create habits that become part healthy lifestyle
  • Learn a new way of fitness that inspires you and keeps you motivated!

Don't struggle on your own. Get lasting results your never thought possible with expert coaching and accountability from Carlos Perez, owner Optimal Personal Training.

Greenwich Personal Trainer

Carlos Perez, MS | ACE Certified Personal Trainer



Jump start turns into 5 years

Knowledge and Experience

I had torn my hamstring. Months of rehabilitation had not produced adequate results. Carlos was sensitive to my condition, knowledgeable in how to deal with it, and within a short period of time, I was pain-free and ready to take on new challenges. 

Jane B- Greenwich, Connecticut

Knowledge and Experience

Jump start turns into 5 years

Knowledge and Experience

I was looking for a trainer who could help take me to the next fitness level, while keeping my workouts fun, challenging and safe. My introduction to Carlos fulfilled my desire.  His knowledge and experience is extensive.

Dina K-Greenwich, Connecticut

Jump start turns into 5 years

Jump start turns into 5 years

Jump start turns into 5 years

 I started to train with Carlos to give myself a kick start and face my fears in the gym. Carlos not only made me feel comfortable, he gave me great praise and support. I found myself striving to do better and looking forward to our weekly sessions.  For that reason, my “jump start” turned into 5 years of weekly sessions.

Melanie G-Old Greenwich, Connecticut

Chronic Pain Help

All You Need for Home Workout

Jump start turns into 5 years

I was at the time morbidly obese with multiple health issues. I had Fibromyalgia as well as late stage chronic Lyme's disease. I couldn't move without pain and I had given up. He was very compassionate in my situation and tailored our workouts to be gentle on my joints. He was so energetic and motivating he got me moving again even through the chronic pain! 

Karen T-Easton, Connecticut

Busy Travel Schedule

All You Need for Home Workout

All You Need for Home Workout

 Carlos has  designed a workout schedule that I can take on the go when I travel and which I can keep up with during busy weeks when I can't train with him.  Beyond his professionalism, Carlos is a caring individual who is concerned with his clients physical and mental well being.  And beat of all, I never hurt even after the hardest workouts! "

Mariana S-New York, New York


All You Need for Home Workout

All You Need for Home Workout

All You Need for Home Workout

Carlos brings the complete package to your home and varies his routines so that you're constantly engaged and highly motivated. I look forward to our regular workouts and have seen the fitness improvement I was seeking from our training.

Ira  P- Westport, Connecticut

Where I'm located

I provide in-home personal training and strength & conditioning programs for clients from Greenwich to Westport.  I also work with clients at Greenwich Fitness 24/7 Access in Greenwich for those who prefer to exercise at a small training gym. I even work with clients outdoors when the weather allows.

How To Get Started



To begin the process, click on START HERE where you will be directed to schedule a Complementary 15-minute phone consultation.  If you prefer you can request a call back or communicate via email. 


I want to get to know you, learn more about your goals, and where you’re currently getting stuck. I will contact you at the chosen time and we will discuss your  goals,  training location, scheduling needs, and program cost.  


I offer several programs, including fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Together we will choose the best program for you and your goals to set you up for success from the very beginning.