Carlos Perez, M.S., ACE-CPT

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​Carlos Perez, MS, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer & Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

Carlos developed an interest for sport and exercise early in life. As a three-sport athlete in high school he excelled in baseball and served as team captain for two years. His passion for sport and exercise has led to his experience with running, biking, swimming, weight training, golf, tennis, scuba, skiing, snowboarding, beach volleyball, and surfing. The desire to perform each sport or exercise at the highest level of his capability led Carlos to learn about biomechanics (human movement) and sports nutrition and personal training. Carlos’ participation in multiple sports combined with his education has enabled him to understand the personal fitness training and nutrition needs of competitive and recreational athletes.

Today Carlos enjoys, hiking, tennis, cycling, running and healthy eating with his wife, Louise, their two young children, and friends and clients.

Carlos has been providing Personal Fitness Training for the Greenwich area for over 15 years.

Education and Certifications

MS, Exercise Science,Human Performance. Southern Connecticut State University

BS, Exercise Science,Human Performance. Southern Connecticut State University

ACE-American Council on Exercise, Certified Personal Trainer 

ACE- Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

TRX-Suspension Training Qualified

RTS-Resistance Training Specialist

NASM-National Academy of Sports Medicine, Integrated Training Specialist

APEX Nutrition, Certified Practitioner

Golf Performance Enhancement Specialist

Red Cross CPR

Insured through Fitness Pak

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